Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Fix for the cords

Baby is a complete trouble magnet. He will bypass the coolest toys in order to attempt to stick his finger to a light socket or play with electrical cords. In a high-tech family and a small house like ours, he's always got something he is headed for. (as I write this, he just reached up onto the breakfast table and tried to throw a bowl of eggs). He can't be out of sight for more than 10 seconds or there is big trouble.
One of the biggest problem areas in our house is daddy's power strip by his desk.... I've spent money on different childproof boxes for the strip, but they are ugly, enormous and they are almost impossible to access the plugs with.
Finally I decided that we needed just a simple sack over the strip. As he gets bigger, we can get those locking beads for the ends, but for now, this works perfectly. Easy access, pretty, small, flexible, and it's also made of laminated cotton so that dog hair doesn't stick to it. ;)



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