Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting

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So fun! I went to the Modern Quilt Guild again this week and showed them the three tops I sewed after coming home all inspired to quilt with my first meeting!

Great pics taken by one of our members - the colors look great!

Ze Artiste paints

I save all of Ace's formula cans for days like today when Ze Artiste wants to paint. Pinecones are another favorite canvas around here. I love his aesthetic, it's very color oriented and intense on the coverage. When he uses crayons, he uses every crayon, when he paints, all the colors mix together.

ps - Don't forget the giveaway! Tomorrow is the deadline!

Sewing resumes when the baby sleeps

Ah... Sleep training... Oh vey, it's hard work. Now that Ace is doing a good 5-7 hour stretch in the front half of the night (still up 2-3 times though, later) - I have my nights to myself again. J is out of town on a shoot so I had a pal over to sew last night... We made more pouches, playing with zippers and some Anna Maria Horner laminate fabric. J will be stoked to see these projects...

The owls adorable presence mean that a certain Nick and Nora nightshirt has bitten the dust at hubby's long awaited request. (he said he hated seeing me covered head to toe in owls with big eyes... I can't imagine why) There are many owls to use now, so we will be seeing them surface in
many cute projects, I'm sure. (happy now, J?)
Now... What to put in these?



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