Thursday, January 15, 2009

I really love skirts...

Wearing this with my Out & About skirt today. I've been wanting to
make something like this for a while...

"The beauty nature creates"

I bought this ring from a lovely lovely man who sold it to me along with a free lecture on how God created a good world, filled with beauty that we were made to enjoy.
The ring is made of the tiniest slices of cross sections of shells, placed together with meticulous care and "love". I'm loving it's beauty, nature and RED!
And now every time I look at it, I am going to think of the sweet artist who points to the Greatest Artist.
(ps... He does not have a website, or I would post it...)

Good morning, Pasadena!

Here we go!
See HER (maybe, annabella?) new shirt?
I've got one, too...
I love skirts!

Pasadena Bead and Design Show

Well... at the last minute, I accepted an offer for a booth at the Pasadena Bead and Design show.
I have no idea what to expect - except that it's 4 days for me in a hotel ballroom with C-r-a-z-y carpet - WHO DESIGNS STUFF LIKE THAT? (oh, yeah. me a few years ago)

So, J and I cranked tonight- making cute backdrops, signs, and I even made some super cute t-shirts for me and my friend, the mannequin to wear... I'll send images of them tomorrow...
you'll love them.

which makes me think... I wonder what the mannequin's name should be? We call her "HER" around here, but after all these adventures together, I think she needs a name. Perhaps something like Penelope, or ... oh dear... it's really late, and I need to NOT be blogging about my mannequin's name at 1.20am.
goodnight..... see you tomorrow, with some fun photos to share.



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