Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scrappy Wraps

So I was wearing a bracelet today that Tori gave me a few years ago and I decided to email her to ask where she got it.... turns out Michelle Gonzalez, ( - a former employee of Tori's - makes these super cute "Scrappy Wraps". you know how I am about scrap saving... and if you can do it beautifully? oh, yeah...
So Michelle doesn't have an etsy site and she's getting married soon, I hear, but maybe if enough of us beg her - she'll get one set up soon!

Michelle did say that she'd love to be blogged about today, so I'm sure that means she'd be willing to make a cute bracelet for you.
(oh, and for a very different type of fabric DIY cuff, check out Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me...)

I REALLY love Quilthome

I never win anything... so when I put my little "i love" banner at the bottom of my blogroll, I really meant it - the  store is phenomenal and they send out great coupons. I've been dancing around their cool shopping cart features and playing with color combos for a while, but just made my first purchase with them last week.  I've loved how you can search patterns by designer and they have the biggest selection

Anyhow - enough about them... I learned this morning in their newsletter that I won their giveaway! I'm super excited. More money to spend at now that's some real fun!!!!

(I do indeed love you!) - Modern Designer Fabric by Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett and More



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