Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have the coolest friends (Adrian Stark)

Okay, so my friend Adrian Stark has always come across as super stylish, hip, and creative, but I had no idea how talented she was until I just watched TLC's new show Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. The title sounds weird, and I remember when she said that she was getting taped for a show on "soccer moms." My thought, I think I even said it, "but Adrian, you are so much cooler than just a soccer mom!"

Wow. First of all, the show was hysterical - their whole family made for great TV. But what came out shining is Adrian's talent. Adrian, is not just stylish; she's amazing! They put her in a super insane high-power fashion house and had her put together 3 gowns in a few days! The girl whipped it out. She's been out of fashion (worked for Chanel pre-kids) for 10 years and came in and proved her mettle.

It was funny, because after the taping of the show, she kept saying how amazing it had been - how it had changed her life - but we didn't know until watching the show just how much!
One of her dresses was picked up by a stylist and Jennifer Hudson wore it to the Movies Rock event at the Kodak Theater in the end of 2007.

I'm so impressed with my friend. I'll keep you posted when I learn what she's doing next.... we're all waiting to see!



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