Friday, July 15, 2016

Flip Flop Quilt Block

This past February, I was asked by my fellow board members at the LAMQG to fill in for a Block of the Month Pattern for our guild.  Someone else had backed out and there was no one to finish off the 12th month of the project. It wasn't something that I thought I had the confidence to try, but I am so glad I was asked, because it pushed me to try something new. As you will see over the next few posts, this little block has changed a lot for me!

I went back to my sketches and found that I had a quilt design that had never come to fruition. It seemed a little bit clever to me, so I decided it might work and chose to simplify it and make a little sister version to it that could be a simple block design for my fellow guild members.

Thus the Flip Flop Quilt Block was born. 


My guild seemed to like it so I opened up a little craftsy pattern store and uploaded it. What I didn't expect was for it to downloaded every single day by multiple people. I couldn't believe that it was that popular!

The block is simple - even a beginner can have a fun time making it and there are a lot of cool ways to lay it out.

 It's also really kind of a fun one to modify. I've seen a few really cool versions already - here are some of them...
made by @modernmanson for the @ocmqg block swap

made by @cookbakequilt who also sized the blocks down a little too



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