Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can't leave well enough alone (yoyo embellished dress)

Ah... I bought this dress at "Tar-jeh" (Target) a few months ago. Fell in love with the almost drab grey and bought it in a Large, since it was the last one. Oh no! I wore it out on a date with J, hoping he'd find me smokin' (in a 50s kind of way). Hmrph... The dress was too big and slipped off my shoulders all night and J said he'd like it better with some embellishment. "too plain for you". He knows my style well.
I trust him and we usually agree.
So its been in the project pile all summer. Tonight, I decided to fix it. I shortened the sleeve circumference and added a whole mess of yoyos (I know, the yoyo police are going to come soon and take me away for overkill.) I love yoyos, though, and shamelessly used my favorites
all over this dress.
I asked J his opinion on the ribbon belt. He disagrees with my choice of the 2" satin; voted for the 7/8" grosgrain, but here we are. Can you believe I have such a tolerant husband? Seriously! I'm blessed and lucky.
And this dress is perfect for church tomorrow morning.



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