Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Italian Inspiration: by Tori Higa

One of my favorite things about being in Italy for a semester was getting immersed in studying art at SACI. There was just something about being able to study art in a country that has truly changed the face of the world through the Renaissance – largely with their innovative and masterful artists. There is such a rich history there and you just can’t help being inspired.

I took life drawing and art restoration. Life drawing was amazing because we got to sketch on location in so many picturesque places. I got so used to sketching from life that it became almost second nature. I also got a lot out of the art restoration class. We got to learn the art of painting a fresco as well as the basic techniques to restoring art. It was just fascinating to learn what goes in to art restoration. One thing that our teacher shared and stuck with me (and troubled me a bit as well) is that professional restoration artists only have a life span of about 37 years. She went on to tell us that they choose their profession knowing this because there is nothing better than being that close to an original Raphael or Michelangelo. (thank goodness that as students we never had to use toxic materials like the pros)

I love seeing Liberty’s photos from her silk painting class and so wish that I could find my own photos from class to share. I had to settle for this sketch I recently came across – it’s a pastel drawing of two of my favorite things in Italy: little old Italian ladies and cappuccino.



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