Monday, March 1, 2010

Journal/sketchbook covers


Today was a little more of a Libby Dibby style day than I've had in a while, I don't think the boys knew they should take it easy on momma because it's my birthday and all... But they actually let me sew (by hand, I don't use the machine much during the day) a cushion for our
bench at the dining room table, and then they went to bed early enough so I could leave them and The Design Director with a sitter and go off to another meeting of the LA Modern Quilt Guild. (yay!)
I came home tonight all inspired to do just a teensy little project, so I opted to make a long-desired fabric pouch for my calendar (a custom Erin Condren one that Tif got me for Christmas) from some Amy Butler laminate that Tif also gave me for my birthday this weekend. I used a vintage tea towel (gifted by Tori years ago!) to line it and closed it with a button from a huge stash Kellie and I split from a shopping day downtown. Friends are great. It's fun to have 3 represented in this tiny littly pouch.
While I'm at it, I though I'd show you my other pouch I use to cart around my latest (Libby Dibby) handmade sketchbook. This one was handmade and custom ordered on etsy from ZJayne, who rocks... You can give her your specifics... I told her my name and favorite colors and she made this from old tshirts. Isn't it great?
And stay tuned for more t-shirt ideas. In my exhausting this past few weeks, I was sadly too tired to sew any big projects, but tried my hand at some fun (EASY) t-shirt projects that I'll share with you soon.



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