Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Generous (Card Giveaway)

I had a few moments this morning to play on Facebook and got to post and respond to a fun thread that's going around there,  called "Craft It Forward" - where people post and then the first 5 to respond get a handmade item from the poster.
Which got me to thinking. I want to blog it forward.

I recently had these fun notecards (inspired by the idea of practical advice from the Bible) made up from some writing that I did on catalogs that came through the house. I can't sell them, since they are technically my writing on someone else's photography, but I can give them away. And that's FUN! I've been using them and loving to use them as gifts for my friends.
So I decided that the first 3 people to respond here will get a card surprise in the mail from me!
Once you comment, send an email to me with your mailing address.


Brooke said...

Am I really the first to respond? I just found this blog today for the first time!

matt&sada said...

Sounds fun. If you like yellow lab puppies and evergreens, I have lots of LL Bean catalogs lying around! Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

hi libby... it's charis duke - my name isn't coming through for some reason....

cute cards!



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