Monday, May 21, 2012

Finished - Blended Family Quilt

Here it is! My quilt inspired (and made for) an amazing family I know who we're joined in marriage 18 months ago (yeah, their wedding gift is late). I've been friends with the wife for many years and was overjoyed that after a few years as an amazing single mom of three boys, she met a beautiful single dad with two boys and a girl. Their wedding was amazing and this quilt was in sketched form in my journals for over a year. Then I finally got to work on it and it's been in progress since January. Well, this week, they get it in the mail and they know it's coming, so I can share it here before sending it...
I knew this quilt had to be great because Laura is an unbelievable graphic designer and her mom is a quilter, so I needed to really go for it on this gift... I'm really happy with how it
came out.
Congratulations, Laura and Nate! Your beautiful family is an inspiration!!!! Check your mail!



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