Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's project: spiderweb quilt

I'm so excited about this quilt. I've been dreaming about sewing it since I did my/Abi's spiderweb block for the quilting bee that I'm in... I wanted to do a spiderweb block with a patterned interior since I don't love solids... And pin dots seemed appropriate, but not predictable... So here we go! Only two squares are sewn together right now, but by tonight I should have about 9 complete... Here's a pic of them all lined up to sew.

I don't often get to sew in the daytime, but today the a/c is getting installed... I'm hanging around here as much as possible instead of running errands and I gotba few solid hours to work on this.
This pattern is fun to work on. It appeals to my scrappy, patterned, colorful, use-everything side... And I love the chaos turning into ordered wheels... How big it gets depends on how tired I get of making these - though I currently am thinking this will be my first full size quilt.



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