Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have the coolest friends (Mod Podge Rocks)

I really have the coolest friends. And some of them have come to me through this blog... Like Amy, from ModPodgeRocks ... We've actually been able to meet in person after months of emails, but via email and blogs, she and I have become creative pals... And I think we both have something for giving and mailing gifts... Because I love sending her stuff (we met when she won a giveaway) and look what came in the mail today! My little wheels are turning... Chalkboard paint? Extreme Glitter Paint (in red, of course!)??? Outdoor Mod Podge? And Picture This Transfer Medium? Fabric iron on transfers? Oh man, the pressure is ON! (I didn't even realize Plaid made all this stuff)...
I'll keep you posted on what comes from this fun care package... And since my pal Amy, like me, is a huge polka dot fan, I'll make sure to include some of those in the ensuing projects. (awesome) I'll have to
be peeking over at her blog for some ideas and inspiration - 2 things she's never short on...
Thanks Amy!!!



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