Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When in stress..

Things have been REALLY stressful this week. ........
Well, you know what I do when I am
stressed... I sew.

I recently got orders for 5 beanbag doorstops and apparently that was all I needed to get myself started. I coped with my stress today by cutting, sewing and filling more doorstops... All said and done, I think there are 16 finished and 14 unfinished. I have no idea as to why I made that many. That's just plain old excessive. But at least it's better than over-eating or binge shopping... And now I can list them on etsy soon... And they are cute... Cute does seem to help a little...

awards shows and the glamourous life

this was from the photo booth at the holiday party last december...

Most of my days are spent in the minivan, driving little people to their various appointments... Feeding, cleaning and helping them do life.
Then there are the rare days where J's work has fun events or awards shows where we get to dress up and act all "Hollywood". I laugh when I think about how there will never be an awards show for motherhood, or most of what I do, but it is really fun to see my hubby recognized for his good work... (watch FRINGE on Friday nights on FOX!!!)

Last night was one such night. Though, sadly, J's nomination for
"Undercovers" didn't win an award, we still got to go out all dressed up and have a fun evening together. Considering we are the parents of 3, that's something to be proud of, in my book.



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