Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bracelets in bulk

Its been a hideous few weeks. The stress I've been under from many angles has kept me from being myself. I was really discouraged when I realized it's also kept me from being the kind of friend I like to be. I felt really low. (on a side note, my kids are getting the good effort and they're having a grand time lately and being my chief entertainment for smiles...) But as a friend... I've been showing up lately with "tales to tell" (not usually my style)... I fear perhaps being a bit of a debbie downer.
So I'm working it out. I'm refocusing... Knowing peace doesn't come when we focus on our pain, turning my eyes back to the skies... And working at being the thoughtful friend I want to be.
Last night that involved me sitting down to make some belated Valentines for my mates at MOPS. I wanted to make them each something that showed them I love them, that they are beautiful and unique and precious to me. Bracelets were the order of the evening. It felt good to focus for a few hours (had to make 10!) on others and not myself. It felt good to give them today with the explanation I just gave you... And an apology for having been a self-centered friend lately.

Tonight as I was folding laundry while the kids ate dinner, Mimi said, "mom, why do you do all the work and we do all the playing?" and just an unselfish sentence like that from my six year old felt like a gift bracelet for me to put on.

It's good to love others.
I want to love well.
I don't always. In fact, I fail daily, but if there is one thing about me... I keep trying.



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