Sunday, August 10, 2008

House projects

I nearly always remember to bring my own grocery bags into stores... Getting bags you like and them getting into the habit is the hardest part.. But sometimes I don't bring enough... Or if I ever get groceries delivered, they are plastic bag fools, and I end up with millions of them...
So, I use them in all our small trash cans, and for doggie duty and the worst diapers (I know, I'll try cloth the next time around, if there is a next time, I promise)... Keeping them handy is key, so I've made some of these fabric bag holders where you stuff them in the top and pull the individual bags out the bottom. Getting ready to post some on etsy... They'll be $5
each... Do you like the reds and blacks and whites? Or the other more
brown scraps?
(oh and I have a zillion new beanbags too- they are the best housewarming gifts! I've been giving them with notes that say something about keeping the door open always to new possibilities...)

Good uses of time

I spent the night of the olympics opening ceremony, working on decorating a bunch of Tshirts that have been in a stack to mess with for months now. I finished some of them last night and there are about 10 in all... Nearly all of them have vintage quilt square appliques, or vintage tatting and buttons. I'm really excited about them. I'll post them as I can. 4 of them are for my personal happiness.. About 6 will end up on etsy...
This one is mine... I love it. I've had this shirt for over a year. It's a perfect fit on me, but the text on it said "soul sister" - I got it at a swap party I hosted... Anyhow, my friend Kendra always teases me about it and said I do not qualify as her soul sista and therefore should not wear the shirt... So now I can finally wear the shirt knowing it has more of me well represented... Though I have been told I have soul...



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