Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 years in

This Thursday marked our tenth anniversary. 10 years of marriage. Our conclusion as we've talked is that it's not enough. We've asked God for another 40.
I am married to my best friend. Through everything we've been through, through the insanity of the past ten years, we've always clung together - constantly reminding each other "I'm your biggest fan!"

J, I love you. You are still my hero, now more than ever. You are an amazing husband and father and the best friend and sweetheart a girl could ask for. Thank you for the past ten years... Ten years is simply not enough time with you.

New collages

I've been invited to have another art show in North Hollywood. (yay!) This time, I will be doing a themed show (solo) based on the Christmas story and will even be able to sell my big prints. (if you're local... It's Dec 17 and 19)
These two collages happened for me the other night and are going to be part of the show. 
Their descriptions:

a close look at the "Star of Bethlehem" one shows that the hills are made of images of war and destruction (there are images of Haiti, Burma and WWII). Basically the idea is that this moment we depict in peace is actually way more revolutionary than we give it power to be. He came to a messed up, broken world as the Prince of Peace, and actually has the power to implement it.
The second one is kind of spun off of the idea of what role an olive branch would have played in the Nativity. I imagined Mary's viewpoint, looking out over the edge of town from the stable, tired from the long journey, but amazed at what was still to come. The olive tree is just a periphery bystander, but it's presence harkens back to the olive branch of mercy and hope after another long journey that God offered to Noah. Olive trees being everywhere in Israel, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine one stretching it's branches into Mary's line of sight as she pondered all she had been through and all yet to be. 



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