Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 finished quilts

It's not all of the quilts I made in 2011, but it's most of them. Quite a productive year to look back on!
The things I really got into this year were hand quilting and also making my quilts big enough to fit beds.

Paper pieced WIP over New Years

Paper pieced WIP over New Years
Paper pieced WIP over New Years, a photo by libby dibby on Flickr.
 Paper pieced WIP over New Years
It's almost done... I spent much of 2011 hand sewing this. A hard year that left me so stressed out that I needed something to work on with my hands during lots of waiting moments... I have sewed this entirely by hand, often in cars, I took it camping with me, brought it to meetings... It steadied me by giving me something to focus on in some scary moments.

Paper pieced WIP over New Years

And now the final product is so much prettier than I ever imagined... The red hand stitching makes me so happy.
It's going to be gifted to someone who has walked super closely with us through our year - our social worker... Someone who carried our pain as her own and was a valiant and strong champion for all we stood for and believed in. I feel as if no one but her could understand the depth and breadth of the year and I know she will know how much she is loved as she receives it.



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