Friday, March 30, 2012

Dollar store clay bunnies

Mimi has been asking for clay lately. I picked up some yesterday at the dollar store and she's spent the morning creating a little world for clay bunnies. These lucky bunnies are in their sleeping bags around a campfire (along with their Popsicle stick seesaw in the background).
The flowers from the first pic were crushed to make sleeping bags, but just the memory of their sweetness makes me smile.

Good morning, Z! It's your birthday!

Our birthdays around here always start with streamers and balloons in the kitchen for breakfast and lots of calls from cousins and grandparents.
We figured out this morning that we could snap pics of FaceTime calls and this suddenly made it feel like the whole family was in on our celebrating here.
Z is currently making his poster for the Laker gameS (plural!) we are headed to this weekend. (we will post pics of that for sure!)
It's a big day around here!



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