Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiration weekend

J spoiled me this weekend and took me wine tasting in Los Olivos. It's amazing that only 125 miles from LA, there is this type of beauty and quiet.

We stayed in town - which is so small that it doesn't even have a stoplight. Talk about getting away. It was so nice to just be together and be a couple of people in love instead of a couple of parents.

Special thanks to the friends and family that took care of the kids and gave us a much needed breath of fresh air.

Finished sampler top (WIP)

It's too big to get a good pic, but here's the back and front of my queenish/kingish sized sampler quilt using all my Bee Happy squares. Only one fabric was bought (the green border for the squares) for the project.
It's also really windy in LA today so it was hard to get a good pic, but I wanted to take them before I make the quilt sandwich.

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