Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Easter pics

The past two days in Los Angeles have been summer weather - we spent today having a spring break lemonade stand with the kids and yesterday included a trip to the beach, but Easter weekend was very "spring-like" and I think we're headed that way tomorrow, too... Here are some sweet pics from our weekend.

Sewing in the car

There's a first for everything. Today in between having 2 of my nieces over for a spring break sleepover, "sponsoring" a lemonade stand and generally being crazy Auntie Lala... I'm sewing in the car. I told my sister that I'm trying to be the auntie I couldn't be over the last few tired months. So today I'm carting around 4 kids between 4-6.5 years old. (getting lots of awesome looks) In my 4 and a half down minutes in the car, I'm working on the final (hand stitched) portions of a dress pattern (Anna Maria Horner's socialite dress)... Hope to finish it today and wear it tomorrow.



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