Sunday, October 11, 2009

Princess Canopy: closeup

The Design Director's birthday present was an easy and fun project...
Tif (who was making an identical one for her step-daughter) and I started with store-bought IKEA canopies and "girlied" them up with adhesive rhinestones, ribbons, hanging fairies, and plastic butterflies. The hardest part was the "false ceiling" on the inside of the canopy - but it was more time consuming than difficult (I was able to use the machine for that, phew!)
We each used different fairies, I ended up with some of the Disney Princess little figurines, hanging by thread. They're sparkly, plastic and super cute.

I once was (collage)

I went to a church retreat this weekend and collaged this in some quiet and thoughtful moments. I don't often share my more personal artwork here, but thought today I would. :)



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