Thursday, March 27, 2008

This purse is going on probation

So I really do like this obnoxious yellow leather purse I bought on a
trip downtown, bit today it has gone too far.
I kept wondering why it was getting heavier recently, when I kept
looking in it and seeing a reasonable amount of stuff.
I learned today that it's been eating things i have been putting on
the inside pocket.... To be accurate, 6 tubes of lipstick(!!!), a
Swiss army knife, 2 pens, a set of keys to J's car, and a full roll of
Sweet Tarts a friend gave me!
Oh dear. Back to my Libby Dibby!

I have the coolest friends (anita z)

My friend Anita is a gifted gift giver. I have things all over my
house that remind me of her, these wool flowers are my favorite.
They make me smile every time I see them and they last forever. :)
This morning, when I took this photo, miss M asked if she could smell

Actually, though, Anita really does have an amazing ability to see
what is beautiful and will delight someone. We met years ago in Chicago, at an art fair I was selling my handmade jewelry at.
She is different and exotic in a thousand ways, I've never met someone
who fits into the same mold as Anita.
We exchanged info after sitting in neighboring booths for 8 hours -
and then finally got in touch an entire year later. We used to have
the most fun and inspiring lunches in places all over Chicago....
comparing notes on what inspired us... Giving each other new reading
and research assignments.
Then I moved out to CA, and I haven't seen her since, but she is
constantly sending me reminders of our fun friendship and I appreciate
her so much.

More yoyos

Miss M got a "grandma" yoyo shirt...
She had fun picking out the colors and buttons herself and stood
excitedly with me as it came together.

An ode to grandma worth

J's wonderful grandmother recently passed away. Though I never was
able to be very close to her, I always enjoyed talking about crafts
and handiwork with her.
I was blessed to receive much of her sewing and knitting supplies as a
gift. I uses some of her old wooden needles to make this wrap and
then used a "yoyo" from an unfinished quilt to finish it off.
I'm happy to wear it and think of her.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The latest fixation

My new love are hooks. I have about five or six on my bedroom wall
now for holding necklaces and headbands that were otherwise cluttering
my dresser.
This is me, mid-process, at anthropologie, trying to decide which to
I didn't get any of these! But I did get the awesome timer.

I have the coolest friends (nichole shinners)

My friend, Nichole, who really helped me get my act together on the
skirts, refining my patterns and helping me with my dohippy bag design
(especially)... Is not just good for advice. She makes the most lovely
little girl dresses. This was Miss M's Easter dress last year and
remains one of her favorites to date. We were able to pick out the
fabrics and everything.... I bought it big so it would still fit this
year. It's a lot shorter, but it still looks great.

Going vintage

I never used to love stuff that was old or vintage, but my appreciation is starting to go in more directions than just clothing and textiles.
I bought this vintage tablecloth on ebay recently. And now that my friends know I am starting to like depression glass, etc... I'm getting more and more pieces. (I particularly am eyeing some "ruby glass" pieces on ebay and
I guess I always thought this stuff was for grandmothers, but I guess someday I will be one... May as well start now, since the stuff is so pretty.
I also swore I would never own a cake plate. "I'm not that kind of a girl" ... But I asked for and received the stacking set below for Christmas this year and I have had so much fun with them already.
I guess my taste is finally catching up with my "old soul" -as people call it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This photo is upside down as I send it from my phone, but here are
some of our adorable pouch belts.
These were all bought by one customer, but we have lots that I need to
post on etsy.

But do they come in my size?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Like I need another skirt

I always say that I need another skirt like I need a hole in the head,
but I do have quite a fabulous collection going.
One of
My current favorites...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have the coolest friends (Adrian Stark)

Okay, so my friend Adrian Stark has always come across as super stylish, hip, and creative, but I had no idea how talented she was until I just watched TLC's new show Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. The title sounds weird, and I remember when she said that she was getting taped for a show on "soccer moms." My thought, I think I even said it, "but Adrian, you are so much cooler than just a soccer mom!"

Wow. First of all, the show was hysterical - their whole family made for great TV. But what came out shining is Adrian's talent. Adrian, is not just stylish; she's amazing! They put her in a super insane high-power fashion house and had her put together 3 gowns in a few days! The girl whipped it out. She's been out of fashion (worked for Chanel pre-kids) for 10 years and came in and proved her mettle.

It was funny, because after the taping of the show, she kept saying how amazing it had been - how it had changed her life - but we didn't know until watching the show just how much!
One of her dresses was picked up by a stylist and Jennifer Hudson wore it to the Movies Rock event at the Kodak Theater in the end of 2007.

I'm so impressed with my friend. I'll keep you posted when I learn what she's doing next.... we're all waiting to see!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's purse

As I sit down to lunch, a quick photo. I love this purse... So here it
is, filled with receipts, thank you cards to mail, and who knows what
Made by - their outlet is near my dad's studio. I
picked up this vintage sample there.

I need to get to work

Stuff like this makes me salivate...
And makes my fingers itch... If only there were more hours in the day
to do everything I was inspired to do.

Monday, March 3, 2008

my new favorite earrings

I adore these earrings. I bought a pair in December and wear them constantly. I think the wood is burned with the design, though I am not sure how it all has come about - but the end result is a lovely, lightweight, neutral, natural accessory that I am SO happy I bought. bravo!
(considering that I used to make jewelry and have at least 30 pairs of earrings in my rotation, most of which I made myself - the fact that I wear these most of all needs to count for something.)
I love original artists.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leap year

Since my birthday comes only once every four years, this weekend was a
big deal. I had been given these three cakes before 10am, and the day
only got better and better.
We decided that everyone else needed to get a gift, too, so we had a
BDAY discount code that gave everyone our biggest discount ever... 15%
It was supposed to last only until noon today, but we are not done
celebrating until tonight, so you can too... Lots of people have taken
advantage of it, so hurry up if you still want it!



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