Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spare Change Quilt

I want to call this the Spare Change quilt because it's a variation on a Coin Quilt, and it was all scraps that went into it... Even the white is an old tablecloth from my MOPS group.
I also want to keep it, but that would be ridiculous, considering how many quilts we have around here now. Two of them were in my recent art show and I have yet to get them back, but more on that another day....
This one is getting gifted to a friend who would never in a million years expect a quilt from me. I've known her a few years, but we aren't so close that she would ever expect this. I think that's what makes me excited to give it. It's a truly extravagant gift- with no occasion. :) Those are the best kind.



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