Thursday, March 27, 2008

This purse is going on probation

So I really do like this obnoxious yellow leather purse I bought on a
trip downtown, bit today it has gone too far.
I kept wondering why it was getting heavier recently, when I kept
looking in it and seeing a reasonable amount of stuff.
I learned today that it's been eating things i have been putting on
the inside pocket.... To be accurate, 6 tubes of lipstick(!!!), a
Swiss army knife, 2 pens, a set of keys to J's car, and a full roll of
Sweet Tarts a friend gave me!
Oh dear. Back to my Libby Dibby!

I have the coolest friends (anita z)

My friend Anita is a gifted gift giver. I have things all over my
house that remind me of her, these wool flowers are my favorite.
They make me smile every time I see them and they last forever. :)
This morning, when I took this photo, miss M asked if she could smell

Actually, though, Anita really does have an amazing ability to see
what is beautiful and will delight someone. We met years ago in Chicago, at an art fair I was selling my handmade jewelry at.
She is different and exotic in a thousand ways, I've never met someone
who fits into the same mold as Anita.
We exchanged info after sitting in neighboring booths for 8 hours -
and then finally got in touch an entire year later. We used to have
the most fun and inspiring lunches in places all over Chicago....
comparing notes on what inspired us... Giving each other new reading
and research assignments.
Then I moved out to CA, and I haven't seen her since, but she is
constantly sending me reminders of our fun friendship and I appreciate
her so much.

More yoyos

Miss M got a "grandma" yoyo shirt...
She had fun picking out the colors and buttons herself and stood
excitedly with me as it came together.

An ode to grandma worth

J's wonderful grandmother recently passed away. Though I never was
able to be very close to her, I always enjoyed talking about crafts
and handiwork with her.
I was blessed to receive much of her sewing and knitting supplies as a
gift. I uses some of her old wooden needles to make this wrap and
then used a "yoyo" from an unfinished quilt to finish it off.
I'm happy to wear it and think of her.



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