Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family portraits with Mimi Haddon

I recently asked a bunch of local moms if they knew of a great photographer. I got a recommendation from a neighbor to look up Mimi Haddon. I was completely blown away by her work. It was so untraditional and fun and wild that I couldn't imagine what she would come up with for family photos.

She and I had the best time planning the shoot over the phone and email. It was idea after idea after idea. We settled on taking pics in her studio with a backdrop that we would draw ourselves (based on the sketches from my sketchbooks that my kids often have me draw for them to color in). These images may look like they are very "libby" - but the kids and Jay for sure feel like they belong to them as well.

You know that we are big on non-traditional photo shoots - this one is our wildest yet. I am dying to get the rest of the pics back from Mimi later this week - but here is a sneak peek into the fun that was our Saturday....
coloring in enormous red polka dots the night before

jay snapped this pic while we were setting up

Mimi sent me these two that she took as a sneak preview. I nearly died with excitement to see the rest of the pics.



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