Friday, July 11, 2008

Date night

So J took me out tonight and we, wisely, forewent The Grove and
instead we went downtown to Hotel Figueroa for coffee (we were too
tired for real drinks) after dinner... He'd learned about it through
work and filming... They filmed lots of ALIAS here...(jill!)
What a gorgeous place... I'll send a few about
inspiration... In the shadow of the Staples Center....its been around

Same quilt... Different heart

So if you look a few weeks back, I've already blogged about loving
this quilt, which was given to me...
But now it has more of a story... I took it to the cleaners because it
smelled pretty musty and got it back... Well.. The very antique
batting shrunk up so small that I had to cut the top open and venture
into the quilting world... Which I never have done before... I bought
batting and spent the last two nights doing little loops to anchor of
all together. In the past, I've known I don't have the patience to be
a quilter, even if I love the aesthetic, but this has confirmed I will
never be able to do it...
Don't get me wrong, its been nice, but I like short and sweet

Thought I'd give you a closer view of the fabrics, which I am
appreciating even more as I get more aquainted with them.



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