Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indigo Crane

One of my very favorite things about doing any type of show is meeting the artists around me. It's often hard to resist spending all my money on their wares! This past show that I did wasn't outrageously successful, (it wasn't horrible), but I just adore the artists that I met. I think that this was the most talented group of women artists on the whole that I have met in one place. Pretty much every single artist that I took the time to talk to and learn about was so unbelievably fabulous... I was seriously stunned.... Though I will do my best to blog later about Semilla Designs, Leluxe Clothing, GRAU, and LoriMarsha - here are their links now so you can at least get a sneak peek...
I wanted to write about AnnaKatherine and Indigo Crane.

AnnaKatherine was trained as a graphic designer at RISD and worked with Dale Chihuly for 10 years before leaving her job with him recently to take her business and her mothering (she has 3 kids) to new levels.  She has the most amazing techniques of felting wool and silk together to make remarkably sumptuous scarves.  I was mesmerized by her color and texture and the infinite amount of ways she has at looking at a scarf as a blank canvas.
Her etsy shop and flickr pages show off her remarkable versatility.
and besides all that talent - she's really sweet. All the more reason to check out her great stuff!
(oh, and in doing this blog... I saw that she makes purses and really cute felted soaps that I didn't even know about... )



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