Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Update

You all have been snatching these up faster than I can list them.
Due to the amount of orders coming in for these, I need to add a small (I promise) handling fee to cover the time I'm spending filling all these orders.
(it will be $3 per box - as I need to cut, fill and ship each box... I'm also doing my best to assure you get a great variety in each one which takes a little coordination)
I'm so super happy that you love them... let's keep the fabric joy going...
I have 4 more listed at the original (no handling fee) cost. After that... they'll be just a teensy bit more.

Happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of recycling today... I am kicking off a new special to last the next few days.
If you pay for the shipping of a flat rate priority box (i.e. $10.35)... I will fill it with quality craft worthy Libby Dibby scraps for you to enjoy. My guesstimate is that you'll be getting about 5lbs or more of amazing fun patterned cotton.

click here... to partake!



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