Tuesday, August 5, 2008

starbucks self portrait

just a glimpse into my day as I had my Tuesday off...
this was a sweet moment, waiting for my friend to join me at the table and my latte to cool a little.


So if you've been around me much, you've probably heard me mention Marukai. Only you would hear me describe it as "the Japanese dollar store where nothing is a dollar"
well, at least it used to be a 98cents Marukai store - but by the time I discovered it, everything was $1.50 ... and recently they've dropped the discount moniker and have aimed straight for the name "Marukai superstore"!
Whatever you call it, it's fabulous. And it's addicting. I can't remember how many people I have turned onto this place, but we all are addicts. Talk about adventures in shopping - try mixing the fun of the dollar store, with the overseas exotic Japanese flair, add in some beautiful inspiration, some confusing packaging and lots and lots of plastic bins and weird kitchen and grooming tools, and you've got the recipe for fun, in my book.

(hint: great place for stocking stuffers!)
today's trip was great... I ventured over into the area where they sell dishes and couldn't help but to pick up about 10 mini plates and tiny bowls for organizing all the fun things i collect. (that was after I got some scissors, hula hoops, and origami paper)

Old times

So today I was able to steal some time at the old studio.. And I dug around and found some of my old inspiration photos and clippings...This is from a French magazine article on some garden competition years ago.. It was passed onto me, but I have always been mesmerized
by this image... I could stare at it for hours and never tell you exactly why...



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