Monday, June 29, 2009

Treasures inside

I received this box today. I haven't opened it yet because it is so beautiful that I could cry... It came in the mail. (I LOVE MAIL!!!) from my special pal, Anita, one of the best gift givers I have ever met. I'm sure I will love what is inside, but the joy of the gift itself is stalling me. I've never done this in my whole life... J is the one who savors things for the sheer joy of savoring. Is it my
Italian experience that taught me to savor? Like the wine? Or the sunsets on romantic bridges? Or was it the Arizona skies and the cooling evenings after long days in the pool? I don't know, but I'm savoring tonight. And it feels so good.
(thank you, Anita!)

one last desert post

Here is one last batch of desert beauty for you to love.



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