Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bee Happy - my month - urban neighborhood #2

Here's my second Urban Neiighborhood block!
It's styled after our own house - though the mushroom-Snow White style roof is missing... I was hoping the fabric choice would communicate that.

I'm super happy with how these came out - and also with how fun it was to make these!

Keeping the faith

I said I wasn't going to post about foster care for a while, but suffice it to say foster care can be confusing, frustrating and as one blogger put it "emotionally traumatic".
Things are quiet so far this week, but there is always, always the unshakable thought that as mothers we were not designed to love someone and then have to let them go, especially to a situation that is often less than desirable.
I keep this piece of paper up in my sun visor in the car so that I look at it a few times a week. It's helpful to remember who is really MOST aware of everything, even more than overworked social workers and overwhelmed lawyers and judges.

we have a winner!

the magic number was 6.... and so that means that miss Nicole wins the charm!
Nicole, you'll have to send me an email with your request and address!
thanks for playing everyone!

Bee Happy - my month - urban neighborhood #1

I styled this square after our first place in a 2 flat in Chicago.

The assignment was to make a home/neighborhood square that would look urban and would reflect a place that the bee members like. I asked them to incorporate a house number that means something to them.

since I live in LA - I didn't want blue skies... smoggy gray herringbone, instead.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Now I have to do my other square - which I think will be representative of our current house.



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