Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re•building joy - time for paper

Tonight I almost didn't go to art class. If I'm honest, the only reason I went was because I care about my classmates and it's our first class in the absence of our beloved teacher. The last time I was there in class (with Franklyn, a few days before he died), I came home and nearly cried. I hated the art I was making that night. He kept telling me there was something in it. I left it in my car for two weeks, put groceries on it, everything. I still don't see it. I was in a major funk today and thought of bringing some easy happy paper collages to work on instead of the embroidered and stitched collages I've been struggling with. My classmate/new substitute teacher, Mary (she was taking the class as a student but also teaches at Art Center and has agreed to lead us through semester) - brought me some beautiful red Chinese paper as a gift tonight.
We had been clipping creative writing quotes as inspiration pieces for our work, and I found a piece of an old piano song sheet in my collage collection file - I had to use it. It reminded me of re•building joy (of course)... The lyrics read "and I am led through tears and joy to"
I played with Mary's Chinese red paper into this tiny panel board along with clippings from Sarah's magazine, a transfer from a pic of me cuddling with Gray- and another little Chinese goodie from Mary - a ticket of sorts that she told me represents the gift of friendship.

I brought this home tonight (among other works in progress) and immediately began hunting for the right place in my house for it. Not sure yet, but this one is a keeper. It was healing to make it and it is healing to see it.

It wasn't a great day today, but something beautiful did come from it. (even if it came at 9:30pm)



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