Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last minute Halloween costume - channelling Frida Kahlo

We are getting ready to host about 40 families on our front lawn for pizza before trick-or-treating. I just realized that I didn't have a costume, so I copied an idea I'd seen earlier in the day... Drew in a unibrow and part of a mustache... Put all of my flower clips on top of braids, got big jewelry and a long skirt and I was Frida.
It was either that or "tired" - wearing my pajamas. This was more fun.  I'll post pics of the kids later, but didn't want to forget what Z said... I texted it to Jay:

Best comment yet is that Zane says, "mom, when you are dressed like that, if you want to speak hard to me, you already have your eyebrows in the right place"

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