Saturday, June 6, 2009

we're home

I've peeked through the (amazing) photos my man took while we were in Italy about 3-4 times already and I can't find my favorite yet... so just as a little appetizer - here's one that I feel communicates how I felt and a few more... since this IS the Libby Dibby blog... of THE skirt, and the bag, in Venice.
And though I didn't read Tori's packing list before hand, looks like I followed it quite well with the hat, the skirt, the journal, the comfy shoes, forgetting just the right amount of toiletries (Labello, anyone?) and my expandable bag - which I wore a myriad of ways... I'd also have to add one more item... a big silk scarf (see mine below, that I bought in Thailand 10 years ago - in Florence, I upped my amount to 4 of these...) - they can be used for 1000 difference uses and I never leave for a trip without one.
(and now back to some very jet-lagged sleep)



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