Monday, April 16, 2012

End of collage class

It's the end of the semester for my art class. Wow, it has been memorable... We've continued to meet, even without our beloved professor, and this week is the final class. I'm walking around my house, trying to collect my 2012 collages after feeling bad because I felt like I hadn't accomplished much this semester.
Turns out, I've done a lot more than I realized and have even given away some without remembering to take pics of them. (argh)
Here are the five I've finished this week.

A date with momma for Mimi

Today was a special date for Mimi and Momma. We went to counseling, then to a donut shop and then to Barnsdall Art Park. There I had fun observing her while she did typical, adorable Mimi stuff like watching a squirrel and taking notes on his behavior, collecting and naming pill bugs and building some art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.



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