Sunday, February 10, 2008

more new card designs

we have the rest of our first card line completed. hooray!
find them at our etsy site, or email us for details.

In looking for a way to contribute (with the proceeds from the sales) to some very worthy charities and organizations, these cards have been birthed. As I get excited and learn about other groups, expect more cards with new inspiration! These first ones all stem from thinking about "the heart of a woman"...

Do You Make that in Adult Sizes?

Mommy-daughter date, after another birthday party... we walked into Lola Et Moi... wow.

I've always been a huge fan of Oilily and their general aesthetic (though I am not into spending that much on something Miss M will outgrow very quickly) ... I tend to buy one of a kind items that I find at craft fairs, etc - and have scored some really great items...
oh, and my new best find is Naartjie - which seems to combine the creativity and class, color, pattern and spirit of the above-mentioned... without quite the same price tag. (i.e. "yes, honey, you can eat in that outfit")... Pumpkin Patch is great, too.
I'm just not the GAP kind of mom... It's not really my aesthetic.

but so often, I find myself thinking, "do you make this in adult sizes?" because I want one!



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