Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quiltcon post - food, fun and friends

To use the language of my kids' school, my "bucket" is very full right now - I'm overflowing with happiness. I just spent 4 days with some of my very favorite girl friends - all the while missing the ones that weren't able to come (you know who you are!)... I soaked up the inspiration, and hugs, the laughs and even the absolute absurdity of going to an 80s themed dance party all dressed up ridiculously.
We sewed, danced, ate, shopped and got inspired together - and we can't stop hoping for a next time to get to do it all again.
A few of us were discussing our favorite parts of the weekend while we waited for our flights. Hands down, mine was getting to be with these girls.
I love the LAMQG. We all had and shared our various stories about how we came to the guild and how lonely we each felt as we came into the group... Wondering, "will I ever belong?" How many times did I chicken out of going to meetings? Or slink out the back and swear I'd never go again? I'm so glad I kept going. I'm so glad they all did the same. These girls are my girls. Some of my dearest weren't even there at the conference, but they are included in this love, too. It's weird to think this guild has changed my life, but it has. And not just because of the quilts.

There were a few new friends made this weekend, too. And a chance for some of us Bee Happy bees to get dinner together too... Oh, and the food! Austin is known for its good food... I can only agree considering pretty much every meal I ate was amazing.

I got the impression that many people went to Quiltcon to network or meet people. Me? Yeah, I met some new and neat people. I just love that I got to play and get closer with some of the greatest women I know.



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