Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New vintage pants for Mimi

The Design Director got these pants when she woke up this morning. Tori is moving across country and downsizing her vintage fabric stash, so we've been gifted with yards and yards of new inspiration... The Design Director loves yellow, and claimed this fabric instantly, so I was happy to oblige-complete with ric-rac trim. I love seeing her in this style.

Home Tour

I love seeing into the lives of blog-writers. It's fun seeing people's homes anyway, but when you get a glimpse into someone's home - especially someone whom you feel a creative connection with, well - that's really great. so in that interest... here is a little glimpse into the life we live here in our little 1922 Los Angeles bungalow. We live in an historic neighborhood, which is undoubtably "edgy" - this is no suburban cul-de-sac - but we love it here and are so happy.
Studio shots will have to come later - considering I still need to wrap my head around what to do with all my scraps! (they're not easy to organize)
Living room. (Before the new chair! I'm also working on finishing the loveseat's cushions this week... will post a photo when I am done) I think I have written before about how much I love the Bachelder tile on the fireplace - it's one of my very favorite parts of the house.

Dining Room. When we moved in, people asked, did you buy the house to go with your furniture? It felt like we did. The closed door is the door you see on the blog daily - where I photograph my projects. My studio lies behind.
Kitchen. It's funky. Open shelves, no dishwasher, few cabinets, original drawers (auckward!) but it's bright and cheerful with a view of the back yard. Someday we hope to update it.... not yet.
Mimi's room. Plenty of light and lots of room to dance. Lots of repurposed and repainted furniture.Master Bedroom. What a lie this photo is. We never make our bed. We used to, but it's no longer worth it with the monkeys around.And there you have it. Our home. Happy. Loud. Crayola. and like the sign over the entry to our dining room says, "all because two people fell in love"

New chair

J and I had promised to buy ourselves a chair for valentines day instead of spending money on random objects... And we finally found it, this weekend at a local upholstery shop that was getting rid of samples...



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