Thursday, October 9, 2008

Starting the healing process

So many thanks for all of you who've commented and emailed your good wishes, prayers and offers for help. I feel surrounded by good in spite of the bad that happened.
Monday I was in shock.
Tuesday I felt weepy and vulnerable.
Wednesday I got back on the horse. (we had an alarm installed, contacted german shepherd rescue, got quotes for a higher fence in back and some security screens for a few vulnerable windows. Swept and mopped the house.)
Today, I am ready to start blogging again. I am also meeting a very generous friend who happened to have an old computer around that will do me just fine. (thank you, friend!!!!)

Please keep the warmth coming, things are still spooky, and my plants in the back yard haven't been watered since Monday... As I can't quite tell when is safest to do it...
But I am a practical woman and am shaking off the dust and fear, cleaning off the fingerprinting dust that the police scattered through my home, and am ready to reclaim my life and home.

Oh, and I finished the load of laundry that I was doing on Monday...
That felt good.

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