Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's project with the design director

Okay, so the intention would be to wear clothing with this... But you can see my design director wearing today's project. (we made 30 of them... So there are enough for party favors at the impending October birthday party)
Mommy has one on too... We even made bitty ones... So we have them for dolls and babies, girls and mommas.
And no, the yoyo police haven't come yet.
We will get some up on etsy soon ($8), but let us know if you want one... For now they are all reddish pink, but some white and black ones will be available too...

Oh - and she wanted me to post this picture, because she was trying to look surprised...

Ric rac heaven

The power is mine! I now am the proud owner of um, any guess?, an, um,
okay, a heck of a lot of yards of orange ric-rac... I love it!
Why does this make me so happy?



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