Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet birthdays at home

It was kind of by accident, but our little family's birthday tradition has become streamers and scones at breakfast... Today was no different for me, except that Daddy couldn't find the streamers and instead he fittingly decorated with my polka dotted ribbon and giant ric rac!
The kids whisper-sang to wake me up and gave me the book I'd asked for as a gift from them... A book about American heroes and all that today's children can dream for, written by President Obama, called "of thee I sing: a song for my daughters" The artwork is stunning, the message is lovely, and as we are on the search for books in our home that represent our colorful palette of skin colors... It fits in perfectly.
Thank you, my sweet little family!

Are you kidding me?

Today is my un-birthday. (I'm a leap year baby)... And though I don't make a big deal out of my own birthday myself, I've been getting lots of love! My dear hubby knew what would mean more to me than a party and spread the word to everyone he could think of to send me a piece of snail mail sharing why I mean something to them. I've been crying over letters in the mail now for 3 days straight!
Then a reader sent me a beautiful package of scraps today (angela, you rock!) and I'm so super touched! I'll be thinking of you for years to come as I use your fun fabrics... THANK YOU!
Though I spent my morning dealing with Medi-Cal insurance problems and haggling at the childrens hospital with insurance people, that can't take away these lovely feelings.
And oh, and I came home to my messy home to find my dear friend Kendra - who's lived with us for the past 3.5 years - had cleaned it... Talk about feeling loved...
To all of you who've been a part of my life - in person and online, blog readers, flickr friends, quilting guild and bee friends, neighbors, fellow artists, customers, church pals, near and far... You all bring so much joy to my life.... Thank you for all you are and all you bring into my life. I celebrate this birthday rich with friends.



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