Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty. Fascinating. Flowers

I've never seen anything like these.

Tip Junkie

yay! I am the featured mom-preneur today on Tip Junkie.
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More quilting... for bee happy

My quilting bee is really a fun source of inspiration for me. It challenges me to try something new and to work on my skills ... it makes me work with new types of fabrics in color schemes that are foreign to me - which is a great challenge that I enjoy.

This month's block is for Alison and we're making "liberated wedding rings". It was another strip (scrap) quilt pattern and I made mine last night. It was fun to try to work within her requests for each block using ALL of the fabrics she sent - and also to do my best to make two squares that did not look alike. She requested that we send the usable scraps back to her for more quilting, but there were some "unusable" scraps that I thought would be fun to make something of. So it was midnight and I got out my Mod Podge... (oy!) and one of Ace's old cleaned out formula cans so that I could make her a little pen/scissor bucket.
Have I ever shown you my scissor bucket? Sonja took a great pic of it when she was here. I loved that she saw the beauty in the mundane around here... my bucket does indeed make me smile, hopefully Alison will like hers.



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