Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Still Waters Quilt Pattern

A few years ago, I sketched up a quilt design that made me think of a surfer type image... I drew it up, measured it out, and then sewed nothing of it. Then my quilt guild, the LAMQG, had a solids challenge with a deadline this past March and I knew it was finally time to make this thing.
I've never been one for small quilts, I can't help but to think, "if I'm making this out
of fabric, someone should at least be able to cuddle up under it if they ever wanted to..." - so I made it big. (I kind of end up doing that with every quilt I make)

Here are pics of my original #stillwatersquilt with both of my boys for scale

I finished it in time for our challenge and then two days later I broke my femur falling down the stairs. That was not fun. What was actually pretty great about the 8 weeks that I spent on the couch was that it gave me time to create - time to draw, take some online classes and eventually even sew a little. But this was my favorite part of that - I finally had the time to sit down and write a quilt pattern. One that was not for a company to use and then call their own, but for me to release myself and then launch on craftsy. I had been so encouraged by the success of free downloads by the Flip Flop Quilt Block - which was basically a little sister to this quilt idea, that I knew I had to try to make a pattern that I could sell.  I simplified the shapes and measurements to make it even more user-friendly and now it has launched. I'm so happy every time someone downloads a copy. It makes me thrilled to know that I am a part of someone else's creative process.

You can find the pattern on craftsy, by clicking here.

 Here are some of my favorite images of the #stillwatersquilt as made by my pattern testers. Almost all of them ended up making more than one of the quilt - they were so excited about how fast it came together. The pattern has sizes from crib sized to king sized included and the simplicity makes it a great quilt to give as a gift.



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