Friday, April 16, 2010

Did I tell you I'm in a quilting bee?

By going to the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild meetings, I've met somegals who've formed a modern online quilting bee. Here are the submissions I made for my first two months' assignments... I love the orange and grey color combo and the other (grey and patchworky) square is part of a spiderweb quilt - (look it up on flickr... the end result is beautiful!)... I really want to make one now!
I have a few months to decide my color scheme and pattern before having everyone sew for me... Lots of time to think...

Spring Ruffle Top Dress (#2 of 3 for the week)

Still a little too chilly to wear the dress like a sundress, but here's the dress which is the elongated top with a ruffle attached.



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