Monday, October 4, 2010

Key chain Wristlet - a mommy must-have

I recently made a huge bulk purchase of these gorgeous wristlet keychains. We gave them to every mom that came to our MOPS group as a welcome gift. These are the best! I've heard at least about 10 different women thank me for getting them - mommies tend to lose their keys about 10 times between the house and the car and this not only eliminates the loss, but it gives you a few more fingers free to lug whatever you might be lugging.
They've been my gift of choice for a few years, and not just to mommies of little kids... doggie mommas love them too. I'm planning on giving them as teacher gifts this year, too.
I've been using the keychain wristlets for about 2 years and when I wear one until it's hideous and filthy - I get out a new, different, pretty one. (happy)
I have a few favorite vendors for them on etsy... check out lovey duds and also gingersnappz (both of whom also list a bunch of other great mommy must-have items, the ones pictured here are from Gingersnappz)



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