Friday, September 10, 2010

Tutorial: a headband for all

I have a huge head. I know, it's a horribly weird thing to say, but it's true, most headbands hurt me after a few minutes. Some stretchy ones work, but they are never a given.
The other day, while Mimi was making her collage, I made this. It took about 3 minutes.
I happen to have a bunch of old vintage Mother of Pearl belt buckle type buttons. I picked out a small one , but a big one would look cute too. There was some leftover length of satin sitting on my desk from the binding for Victory's quilt. (yes, I need to clean my office)... Anyhow, I cut my head circumference and about 10 extra inches in length. I secured one end of satin to the middle of the button. Lazy Libby used my machine, but a hand sewing job would have been prettier.
Then I treated it like a belt around my head, slid it through the buckle and cut off the length to the way I wanted it with pinking shears. (so the edges won't fray)
If you have slippery hair like mine, you may want to add a hair comb or the "sticky" side of a small piece of Velcro to the underside of the headband's crown.



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