Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mimi finishes her bag

The design director and I went shopping on my birthday for some fabric and had a blast. We went to Sew Modern, a fellow LAMQG pal's store in West LA and she had the women there in stitches (no pun intended) as she picked out her fabrics.

They were blown away by her sense of color and asked her to bring in her finished project. We have plans and clearance to bring it to the next guild meeting, along with her quilt she made a while back, and she will get to be a part of the group's show-and-tell time.
The bag is a design we worked on together, but other than the hand sewn snap and attaching ribbon to the webbing fabric for the straps - she sewed every single stitch, een attaching the straps and label.
(I'm so proud of her!)
Ze Artiste decided he wanted to do one too now and we made him a great pouch with basketball fabric that he also sewed completely by himself on my machine. (post to come)



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