Saturday, February 27, 2010

The birthday giveaway I almost forgot to give away

hi BLOG!
when I'm not blogging, you KNOW something's up. This past month has been a new level in exhaustion for me... wow! So much so that I haven't had more than a few minutes at a time to sit down at the computer over the course of even a week. SO. That said, I nearly forgot about my promised giveaway. This morning, as a birthday gift, J took all 3 kids to a cousin's basketball game so I could have some mommy time to myself. (trying NOT to clean for tonight's little mini-party)
This is one that I have been excited to give for a while. I've been saving it and hope that you will like it. Remember when I went to Italy last summer? Well, the one day that J and I went to the island of Murano and toured the glass factories, we had the best time. One of the highlights was walking up and down the little canals of the island, peeking into stores to find the perfect Murano glass rings for myself and one for my sister's upcoming birthday. (That day we also started a fun art project where we walked around colorful Burano, Murano and Venice collecting pictures of house numbers that had signifigance to us personally for different reasons)
Well, I recently stumbled upon - in the most peculiar (secret) place - a treasure trove of Murano glass rings. And as you can see... I've been wearing them a LOT. So I have one to give away!These rings tend to be a little bit big (close to a size 8 or 8.5). If you have small fingers, you'll want to wear them on your bigger fingers... or win it to give to someone else and keep sharing the love. Enter to win by sharing a favorite birthday memory. (don't forget to check back here by March 4 to see if you won... I'll post it, but I can't promise I can hunt you down with all the insanity going on around here lately!)



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