Monday, November 10, 2008

New Pattern Name winners!

Thanks again, friends, for the votes on the new pattern names...
I've finally decided which I love best.

the Leopard Print one:
COCO IN LOVE - by Shankat....

and the black/tan one:
ETOILE - by dina

Thanks so much ladies... and all who submitted ideas.
I love hearing from you.
Shankat and Dina... email me your mailing addresses and look for some fun mail!

Floradora hats

I always fall in love with some other vendor nearby to me at the festivals and boutiques that I do... This past week it was two... (Second one still to come...)
Debbie from Floradora hats had the booth behind me and I bought the two hats at the bottom of the frame (like my new collage software?)... Debbie was shy to have her photo taken, but I must say, she's a delight to spend a day with and I invited her to join me on December
3rd... Her website isn't up yet (I'm pushing her for an etsy shop)... But you can count on me for updates about her.
Her stuff is all handmade and affordable... I had to stop at the two I bought... Aren't they gorgeous? (I sent the photo of the brown one to J with the title... "I love myself and that's why I bought this hat!" (I'm so tempted to have a hat boutique at my house for her)



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